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A Scrub which cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises. Made with soap free surfactants, Our Fresh Rain Foaming scrub gently cleanses your skin and its refreshing aroma will remind you of the Mountain Rains. This Foaming Scrub has hard working yet delicate jojoba beads that remove dead skin cells and impurities but won’t cause redness or irritate even delicate skin.

Simply scoop out a small amount & gently rub on your skin. Then after massaging on your skin, wash off with warm water & your skin will be so softly smooth! This is great in the am & pm to take off your make up as well!

Love and Lather Foaming Scrub - Fresh Rain with Jojoba Beads

SKU: FoamingScrubFreshRain
  • 100mL

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